20 for 20! Let’s Get to Work.

2 years ago · Blog
by C. J. Louis

Are you with us?  This week marks the beginning of the campaign’s 20 for 20! fundraising endeavor!  For us to be successful, we’ve got to get some cash flowin’!  We’re asking you to support us and help turn the district toward better leadership by electing Miyoko to the Iowa State Senate on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  We need money to get that message out to every voter in the district, so please consider a small donation of $20.20 for District 20!  We’re making calls and knocking on doors to get to know you better and, so far, we have found that many of you share the same vision for Iowa that we do.

Iowans need:

  • fair and equal wages
  • good mental healthcare
  • adequate funding for public schools
  • clean water and clean energy

and to do all of this, we need to elect a leader with a team-focused approach, who cares about the right issues, and has a willingness to foster bipartisan solutions in her work.  Miyoko Hikiji is that leader.  And with a $20 bill or just $5 a week, you can truly help us get that message out.  We know money is important to people and families who are working hard just to get by can use every dollar they earn, but with Miyoko as your senator, she will work just as hard to ensure that your every day struggle is a little easier, that Iowans earn more, learn better, are supported when they are sick, that our waterways are secure and untainted, and that Iowa continues making advancements in sustainable energy.  We need a leader who recognizes the value of every day people, no matter where they’re from or what they look like, not someone like Brad Zaun who endorses the billionaire bigot Donald Trump who only wants to lead our brother and sister Republicans to ruin.

If you can, please join Team Hikiji and pledge to give $20.20 today as a recurring donation just until Election Day.  We appreciate all of your support!