A Strong Foundation

3 years ago · Blog
by Miyoko Hikiji

There’s just something about starting off on the right foot. For me that’s reading and writing with a cup of coffee before my four and five year old daughters spring out of bed to kickstart my day.

I always read something spiritual, inspirational and positive, like a daily devotional from Our Daily Bread online. And for that time, I’m not in my dining room in Urbandale in 2015. I’m traveling around the globe and across time to examine timeless topics of merit. There’s no replacement for starting my day that way. It’s sets the tone for my mood and puts my priorities in right order.

Today my reading was the often-told story of Jesus walking on water. The focus of the author was not on the miracle of that event, but on Peter, who was among the disciples in the boat. Peter was the only one with courage and faith enough to step out and walk toward Jesus. While he believed, his steps were above water. When his confidence faltered, he sank.

As I set sail on this political endeavor, I realize I am taking a great risk. I also realize that great rewards require just that. And while entering politics might seem like a surprise to some, as I look back on my life experiences, I can see how brick-by-brick they build a strong foundation for successful public service. I’ll share more about that over another cup of coffee …

Many thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, mentors and comrades for encouraging me to step out of the boat. To the doubters and discouragers, just wait and watch.