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3 years ago · News
by Miyoko Hikiji

Hello. I’m Miyoko Hikiji and I want to be your State Senator.

I’m the mother of two wonderful girls, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the author of a book about my experiences overseas.

I’m running for the Iowa Senate because our state works best when our elected officials work together. As a passionate veterans advocate, I’ve traveled across the state speaking to Iowans about what matters to them and I’ve heard their frustrations with the unwillingness of both parties to communicate and compromise.

I believe I have the leadership experience necessary to pass legislation that will improve the lives of Iowans and help secure the future of our children in four major areas.

Veterans Care. Our state’s service members, National Guard and Reserve, retired military personnel and veterans have made tremendous sacrifices to secure our freedoms by their home base and overseas service. I want to honor that sacrifice by ensuring upon their return from deployment or after discharge, that they have convenient access to the highest quality medical and mental health care services available, as well as, other support needed for veterans to live prosperous post-military lives.

Jobs that Support Families. Keeping Iowa’s economy strong requires jobs that pay livable wages and provide benefits that support families. Hard working parents should be able to raise their children in a supportive community that enables our future generations to become productive, independent, responsible citizens that secure Iowa’s future.

Education that Puts Kids First. While our families’ financial and job securities provide the foundation for our childrens’ future, the backbone for them reaching their highest potential is our education system. As a mother, I want my daughters to have every opportunity in school to learn, grow and be challenged by the best educators in the nation so that they can answer their life’s calling after high school, whether that is straight into the workforce, college or military service. Every child deserves to become all she or he can be!

Clean Water. None of us can survive, let alone thrive, without clean, healthy water. Practical, sustainable, quantifiable measures must be in place to meet the needs of our communities for clean water today, while protecting Iowa’s waters for generations to come.

I am entering this race because I believe I can be an integral part of positive changes at the Capitol that Iowans demand and deserve. As a battle-tested, competent leader I believe I can help to restore trust in our state’s government. I aim to be a public servant that is fair, responsible, accountable and open, working hard to find solutions to the issues that count.

Sign up below to get involved with my campaign. I’ll see you on the doorstep!

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