Connecting with the next generation

2 years ago · Blog
by Greg Hauenstein

Miyoko had two great opportunities this past week to speak to crowds of young Democrats and young Democrats-to-be.

She had the honor of serving as the Polk County Caucus Chairperson last night at the Polk County Youth Caucus and it was wonderful to see kids from all over the county get involved. We will be focusing some efforts over the winter months to engage young Democrats college level and high school age to get involved with the campaign.

Remember: 17 year olds who will be 18 on Election Day 2016 are allowed to participate in their caucuses.


Last Friday night she spoke in West Des Moines at the Young Democrats of America Fall 2015 National Conference. She talked about the importance of public service and being a part of something greater than yourself. Whether it’s running for office, serving in our military, volunteering, or serving on a local board or commission. There’s always something that we can do to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place.

She also wanted them to understand that there is power in their voice. Young people don’t have the best record of turnout in elections and consequently their issues get ignored. It’s a vicious cycle that this campaign is looking to break.