Endorsement Friday: ISEA

2 years ago · News
by Greg Hauenstein

At a time when class sizes in suburban Des Moines schools are growing faster than we can build schools to house them, Brad Zaun wants to completely abolish the Iowa and United States Departments of Education. Completely. Bye bye. All gone.

That’s a ridiculous proposal. Our schools can’t be a hodgepodge of curricula and standards.

Furthermore, Brad Zaun has refused to fund our schools at an adequate level, leading to parents in the Johnston school district having to fork over hundreds of dollars per child every semester in order to use the bus.

We need a champion for our schools and that’s why the Iowa State Education Association has endorsed Miyoko for State Senate this week.

ISEA President Tammy Wawro said Miyoko “will do what is best for all of Iowa’s students regardless of the ZIP code in which they live and be a voice for education professionals as important decisions are being made about our public schools and students.”

The better an education we give our kids now, the better life they’ll have and the more they can offer society.