Miyoko takes on Huckabee’s insult to veterans

3 years ago · News
by Greg Hauenstein

In one of his latest attempts to save his fledgling campaign, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee insulted thousands of veteran women by reducing their service to “a social experiment” and claimed they had no place in the defense of our country.

Glamour magazine sought out the opinions of some women who have served our nation. You can imagine they were not pleased with the Governor’s take. Our own Miyoko Hikiji was one of the women interviewed.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I think that the purpose of the American military being to protect and defend America can be achieved by including all kinds of Americans. So I don’t see in any way how women moving into combat roles is somehow going to shortchange the American people from the mission. The reason why the generals came together and thought about expanding the roles for women in combat was because they recognized the way that we wage war today, in a nonlinear battlefield, with some of the greatest technology in the world, doesn’t require only strength. It requires critical thinking, it requires leadership, it requires the expert use of technology, and those things are not gender- or lifestyle-specific.”

You can read what the others had to say here.