State of the Race: Eyes Peeled edition

3 years ago · State of the Race
by Greg Hauenstein

Happy Monday, everyone. From time to time I’ll be updating you on the state of the race and the most recent press we’re getting.

Today I have some good news and some not so good news.

The good news, we made the Iowa Starting Line list of most competitive Senate races in 2016.

This is a pretty Republican seat, but keep your eye on it all the same for right now. Democrats got a very interesting candidate there in Miyoko Hikiji, a decorated U.S. Army and National Guard veteran and author. More on her later. Zaun hasn’t ruled out primary-ing Congressman David Young, adding another wrinkle to this contest based in Urbandale.

The not so good news is we’re at the bottom of this list. On this campaign, though, we always look for the nugget of good in tough situations so here it is: You can help us rise in the rankings and garner the attention of your friends, family and the press around the region.

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