Kind words from Vets Journey Home staff

2 years ago · News
by Miyoko Hikiji

I received some very kind words from two friends involved with the Vets Journey Home, a non-profit dedicated to helping those returning from conflict zones. I’ve attended their retreats several time as both a participant and as a mentor. Even though they can’t vote for me, they wanted to share their thoughts with you:


I have known Miyoko Hikiji for several years. Our initial contact was with the Vets Journey Home program. What I have seen and what I continue to see in Miyoko is a woman who put her life on the line for her country and who continues to want to serve in the political theater. She has returned to our program on several occasions to pay it forward by staffing and assisting other veterans in their healing journey. Through all of these contacts Miyoko has shown integrity, trust, humility, compassion, and deep commitment to our veterans and country. These are attributes she learned early in life and they are the characteristics which made her a leader in combat and now will carry her into the political area to serve her community. I am honored to have the privilege of endorsing Miyoko as she strives to bring the voice of the people in her district forward with true commitment and purpose.

– Penney Johns
Wisconsin State Coordinator
Lead Instructor
Vets Journey Home USA


I have known Miyoko Hikiji for several years as a Volunteer with Vets Journey Home in Wisconsin. In Miyoko, I have seen a woman who is intelligent, competent, and resourceful. Miyoko is a proven leader and woman of integrity. She stepped up to serve her country in military service and I believe she will be a wonderful asset to her community by serving in the political realm. I only wish I lived in her district so that I could vote for her on November 8.
Douglas A Szper
Finance Officer – Staff Supervisor
Vets Journey Home USA
Vets Journey Home Wisconsin