Will you be a part of my “6 In 16”

3 years ago · News
by Miyoko Hikiji

Throughout this election, I’m going to spend most of my time asking you questions about how I can best serve you:  What do you need to make your job more secure or satisfying?  What’s going on at your child’s elementary school that you’re thrilled about and what about it isn’t working for you?  How does water quality affect your business operation and personal health?  Are you receiving timely veteran services that are getting you back to civilian life?  However, like you, I understand these questions shouldn’t just be asked during a campaign.  I want you to know I won’t stop seeking your input.  This is an investment for all of us in a better quality of life and a Senator representing the voice of the people she represents.

In order to go from caring listener to passionate advocate for you as a state senator, I need your help so we can be best positioned to make that real difference.

When I decided to run for the Iowa State Senate, I chose to dedicate my time, my own money, and resources toward my passion to serve my community.  But only with your continuous support from today through Election Day—Tuesday, November 8th 2016—will we make that positive change happen together.

There are many important ways for you to be a part of the democratic progress in District 20 and across Iowa—monetary gifts, gifts-in-kind, volunteer to work events, host a fundraiser, write a letter to the editor in the local papers, share my posts and tell friends about my campaign—and I can tell you from my heart, every act of participation is valued and appreciated.

Today I’m focusing on the power of the people.  You see, I believe that the voice of every citizen is important.  I would rather enlist every Iowan that’s got my back (or “my six” as we say in the military) to donate five dollars to my campaign and tell me a concern of his or hers, than to have donations in abundance without the voices behind them.  I want more young people, average citizens, previous non-voters and currently discouraged ones to be empowered to invest in what we can do together starting with investing in my candidacy.  I care about your concerns.  And let’s be practical:  whether or not you like politics, public policy will affect you.

Being involved means being invested.  I’m looking for 100 Iowans this month to partner with me by committing to $16/month throughout the campaign.  Sixteen dollars starting in July and continuing as a monthly contribution through November 2016.

Believe me, I understand the power of a promise renewed.  When I voluntarily extended my Army enlistment contract to deploy to Iraq I was committing to fourteen months of heat, danger and the unknown because I believed in the soldiers that were going and I knew being a true leader required me to stand beside them.

Now, will you be a part of “My 6, in 16?

Click on CONTRIBUTE here or on my webpage to say YES!  Fill in $16 in the “your contribution” box and 17 in the “Yes, each month” for “# of months” box.

Thank you for your support.

I’m proud to work with all of you towards All Iowa Can Be